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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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B.    Progress and Accomplishments

In FY 1984 approximately $14,939,000 was awarded for the FY 1984 coopera-
tive agreements, contracts, and grants. Awards were made for a period
of up to three years, as follows:

Approximate                   No. of

Funding Level                Awards

Priority Area

Services for Deaf-Blind Children                  $8,281,000                        23

and Youth (34 CFR 307.11)

Technical Assistance to Entities
Providing Services to Deaf-Blind
Children and Youth (34 CFR 307.12)               2,967,000                        1

Services to Deaf-Blind Youth Upon
Attaining the Age of 22 (34 CFR 307.13)         715,000          .              1

Continuation of Demonstration and
Other Projects                                                  3,037,000                        22

V. U.,  t.f  i*.

No new information.


No studies related to this program are in progress.

Contacts for Further Information;

Program operations:   Charles Freeman, (202) 732-1165

Program Studies:    Eugene Tucker,           (202) 245-8364es, institutions, or